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Animal Husbandry


The Multikraft Probiotic farming system assists with reducing animal stress and increases productivity and feed conversion.  In addition, animal husbandry almost always involves odours and increased prevalence of flies due to the occurrence of decomposition processes. In conjunction with increased ammonia emissions, this can develop into odour problems and infestation. The use of Multikraft Probiotics in animal feed, the enclosure and agriculture fertiliser can prevent these decomposition processes before they occur. The climate in the enclosure is better and fly infestations and odours are noticeably reduced


Using in animal enclosures prevents decomposition processes from starting and noticeably improves the climate in the enclosure. This eliminates the basic nutrition for fly larvae and greatly reduces the occurrence of foul odours. Incorporation throughout the cycle also makes agricultural fertiliser more valuable for soil and plants.    

  • Reduces animal stress (transition of feed type, travel, gut issues, etc.)
  • FHE (Fermented Herbs Extract) increases feed intake and appetite
  • Elimination of decomposition processes prevents buildup of odours
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (methane, ammonia and Nitrous oxide)
  • Improves the living conditions within the barn/shed etc.
  • Eliminates basic nutrition for fly larvae, thus reducing flies