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Austrian Field Trip 2017 Frank

Austrian Field Trip

Frank runs a 250ha organic farm, producing 20,000m3 of fermented compost and growing crops including potatoes, onion and corn.

Frank informed us "we had an odour problem, which prompted many complaints from the villages (located within 1 mile of the compost site) at either side of the farm, depending which way the wind was blowing.
We began using Multikraft products and quickly noticed a difference. We made some compost and left for a three week holiday, upon our return, there was no odour and not one complaint. The only time odour is noticed now is during the first week of producing the compost".

Frank has used Multikraft products for over twenty years.

Adding compost at 1-1.2% nitrogen content to his soil has improved organic carbon content improved from 1.1-1.4% to 3.7-4%

He is applying 25 t/ha compost annually and green manure crops.