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Cattle & Feedlots


CATTLE NRG increases cell metabolism and with it, cell renewal regeneration; the damaging effect of exogenous free radicals is reduced, which has been proven in testing by the institute for cell biology test systems, Dartsch Scientific GmbH.

CATTLE NRG increases appetite and improves feed conversion ratios.

Cattle producers report that the use of CATTLE NRG promotes a favourable environment in feedlot and pasture fed systems by greatly reducing fly infestation and the buildup of odours. Positive micro-organisms are promoted in the gut of the animal, thus reducing diarrhoeal diseases and germs in the animal’s excrement. The immune system and body’s defenses in cattle are strengthened, causing their overall vitality to increase.



Experiences with Multikraft CATTLE NRG:

  • Feed transition stresses are greatly reduced
  • Performance stabilised
  • Livestock become quieter and relaxed
  • Hoof health improved (reduction in thrush, foot-rot, heat)
  • The aerobic stability of total mix rations is significantly improved by CATTLE NRG and also remains stable in the summer
  • Silage is more stable thanks to the use of Multikraft CATTLE NRG
  • The ideal pH value is reached more quickly
  • Flies and other parasites are reduced
  • Odours reduced
  • Water quality in troughs is greatly improved



Multikraft Probiotic CATTLE NRG improves the feed intake of livestock and has a positive effect on their vitality. According to practical reports, positive microorganisms are cultivated in the gut – this strengthens the immune system and thus the animal’s resistance. Vitalised and healthy cattle lower operational costs, whilst at the same time daily growth and quality is increased.