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Domestic Cleaning

Advantages of eMC for Domestic Cleaning

Indoor Environment

Multikraft Micro-organisms allow particularly sensitive people to breathe - uses as a room spray they not only neutralise unpleasant odours, they also permanently create an environment where mites and other allergenic agents cannot survive.

  • Creates a positive indoor environment
  • Creates an environment where mites and allergenic agents cannot survive


The cleaners used are tested for suitability for use with food. Compared to conventional cleaners, they offer significant advantages in eliminating microbiological impurities. They dissolve grease and severe soiling, reduce re-soiling and prevent bad odours.

  • Prevent deposits in pipes
  • Exceptionally gently to skin and materials thanks to natural ingredients


In the bathroom, many unwanted bacteria can accumulate. The positive micro-organisms contained in probiotic eMC cleaners permanently removes the bacteria. Multikraft Micro-organisms are reactivated when there is re-soiling and remove the soiling.

  • Produces shiny surfaces and creates a positive floor environment
  • Long-term and sustainable protection against limescale and deposits in sewers
  • Eliminates mould and prevents bad odours


Particularly when cleaning windows, it is very easy for streaks to be left behind. eMC cleaners remove the dirt from glass and window frames without streaks. Especially in this area, when it comes to dosing less is often more.

  • Streak-free clean windows and mirrors
  • Cleans even stubborn dirt despite low quantities

Textiles and Laundry

Textiles that come into direct contact with our skin, chemical residue should be a no-no. Because of their purely natural ingredients, eMC cleaners provide exceptionally gently cleaning and also reduce the amount of detergent required. Curtains or textiles can also be directly sprayed.

  • More beneficial to water than conventional laundry washing
  • Exceptional gently on skin and material thanks to natural ingredients
  • Long-term protection against limescale and deposits in the washing machine

Mattresses and Upholstered Furniture

Mattresses and upholstered furniture often provide an unwanted habitat for all kinds of mites and other allergenic agents. Regular cleaning with eMC cleaners creates an environment where they cannot survive and also reduces re-soiling.

  • Deep-down cleaning and stop bad odours
  • Creates an environment where mites and allergenic agents cannot survive
  • effective prevention of dust and mould formation