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Fermented Composting


A step by step approach to creating healthy soil

The use of Multikraft Micro-organisms in agriculture is opening up new opportunities, both for organic businesses and in the conventional

agricultural industry across a wide range of applications. Multikraft Micro-organisms promote the regenerative forces of nature

and are particularly beneficial in the anaerobic areas of the soil and the plant – especially in areas where problems with decomposition and

pest infestation occur.

Multikraft Micro-organisms create an environment that represses pathogenic germs and prevents environmental pollution. With

the help of Multikraft Micro-organisms, it is now possible not only to create more fertile soil and more resistant plants and animals, but also to

produce high quality foods that are particularly rich in antioxidants.

Key Advantages:

  • Multikraft Microorganisms in the compost eliminates rotting from the compost heap
  • The process completely represses unpleasant smells and toxic metabolic by-products, but it produces vitamins and bioactive substances
  • Labour-saving: it is no longer necessary to frequently turn over the heap during composting, as it now ferments anaerobically
  • Balanced C/N ratio along with the retention of more minerals
  • Less loss of both dry matter and organic matter
  • Ready in 8 – 10 Weeks
  • The germination of all seeds are suppressed by fermentation
  • No release of odours
  • No turning required