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Leadership Team

Board of Directors

Dr Morgan O'Brien



A well respected General Medical Practitioner with a Bachelor of Medicine from University College Cork, Ireland as well as complimentary specialised qualifications focused on the health industry, Dr. Morgan Augustine O'Brien (MAO'B) has owned and operated successful medical centres since 1978 in his home town of the Gold Coast, Australia.

In the 1990s, Chairman MAO'B saw the potential for growth in the microbial field and provided seed capital for probiotic enterprises focused on waste and wastewater remediation initially, ultimately encouraging the pursuit of other microbial applications including soil and gut health and the expansion beyond Australia.

In 2006 Dr Morgan was the co-founder of Micro-biologic, which developed these microbial technologies in collaboration with Multikraft International for the extreme conditions in the Middle East and Asia. This relationship with Multikraft internationally was the genesis for Multikraft Probiotics Australia and its expansion into the Asia-Pacific region.

Dr Morgan's medical knowledge and expertise developed over more than 40 years, coupled with his extraordinary work ethic and generous nature are invaluable to the continuing success of Multikraft.

Mr Conor O’Brien

Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer











An agile and transformational leader, with diverse management skills and cross-cultural expertise, acquired whilst living and working in contrasting international environments (including Australia, The Middle East, Asia and Europe).

Conor has been involved with several successful start-up businesses, including environmental companies in Australia, Asia and the Middle East, as well as some innovative niche markets including the Australian communication's sector, building up Expresscom Business Solutions from its inception in 2000 in South East Queensland, to have a presence across the East Coast of Australia as its Executive Director, and subsequently as the Sales Director and owner of House of Telecommunications (HOT), the exclusive Vodafone Business Partner for the region.

After returning to his true passion of the environment in 2006, Conor was the Founding Director and CEO of Micro-biologic Pty Ltd, working with probiotic treatments for wastewater, odour control, animal husbandry and large scale waste reuse and composting internationally. Conor generated business through relationships developed whilst living in the Middle east with some of the largest companies in the region, including SABIC (The largest Public Company in Saudi), ARASCO foods and The Arriyadh Development Authority (Saudi Government) and also in Asia, with prestigious companies, including TATA in India.

Conor has studied Marine Biology at James Cook University, Health Science and Microbiology at Griffith University, and has an Executive MBA from Bond University.

Mr Lukas Hader

Executive Vice President & Chief Technical Officer 



As Chief Executive Officer of Multikraft International and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) for Multikraft Probiotics Australia, Lukas has more than 20 years experience with probiotic microorganisms across more than 25 countries. He is recognised as a leader in this field internationally. His knowledge, experience and expertise are well beyond his years, having successfully grown this family business with it roots in stock feed, to now encompass environmental sustainability and health on a global scale.

His position as Chief Technical Officer of Multikraft Probiotics Australia, gives the business access to worlds-best-practice and the very latest in cutting edge technology and the subsequent advances that this provides across the full environmental spectrum.

Advisory Team

Mr Craig Van Rooyen



Craig grew up in Natal, South Africa. After school, Craig attended Cedara Agricultural College, graduating after two years. He then worked in the Sugar Industry, where his family were 2nd generation Cane Farmers on the Umfolozi Flats in Zululand, as a Chemicals Consultant. He married Barbara Cloete and in 1998 they emigrated to Australia where he bought a 110 acre cattle farm on Walkers Rd., South Bingera.

He originally farmed strawberries and lady finger bananas while his orchards were being established and now has  8000 macadamias, 5000 lychees, plus mangos and avocados. He has served on the BFVG Board for a couple of years and is currently Chairman of BFVG Orchardist Sub-Committee. Craig believes there is a great future for Bundaberg farmers if their produce is marketed effectively both in Australia and abroad.

Mr Allan Mahoney

Chief Operating Officer 


Allan has been working behind the scenes in the produce industry since 1990. In 2001 he joined Perfection Fresh, in their Victorian operation at the old Melbourne Markets, buying exotic produce for high end customers.

A Queenslander at heart, Allan jumped at the opportunity of returning in 2005 to take on the role as manager in Perfection’s Bundaberg Value Add facility. Over the years, the role grew as he was given the task of converting a derelict building and farm into a state of the art Low Risk packing facility.

With produce crop planning always being major part of the role, Allan’s next project beginning in 2009, was to transform run down Mango plantation, into a 20 hectare Blueberry Orchid. Along with these 2 major projects, Allan has also overseen the transformation of another 5 facilities Australia Wide.

Allan has been on the board of directors of the Bundaberg Fruit and vegetable Growers since 2011, and stepped into the role of Chairman in 2014. He has also been the Foundation Board director on the QLD Hort Council since 2014. With these roles, Allan has been heavily involved un projects for the industry including QLD Fruit Fly, Area wide Freedom, Sustainable Farming and future labour planning.

Mr Bill Hoare

General Manager


Bill’s diverse experience in agriculture both as a 5th generation farmer and a consultant providing crop nutrition and agronomy advice stretches over 25 years. 

In 2003 he was awarded the prestigious Australian Young Farmer of the Year and in 2009 completed the Australian Grain Growers Association Leadership program.

Throughout his career, Bill has collaborated extensively with leading soil and plant scientists, Landcare and governing bodies, developing solutions to improve productivity and sustainability across a diverse range of agricultural systems.

In 2013, Bill was offered a lucrative position as General Manager of a boutique rice company in Mauritius.  The role entailed commercialising an integrated rice operation including production, processing and packaging for export markets.

Whilst in Mauritius, Bill also trialled alternative crops such as corn, chickpea and wheat in collaboration with University of Mauritius and Mauritius Research Council, as well as advisory services to commercial business operations in dairy, sugarcane and horticulture both in Mauritius and Africa with a focus on sustainability and production by empowering locals with knowledge and support.

In 2015, Bill returned to Australia with his wife and 2 children to take up the position of General Manager, Multikraft Probiotics Australia. Bill has a passion for sustainable agriculture, environmental protection and human health/welfare issues in particular emerging economies.

Francois Visser

Research and Development Manager


Francois is an eco-agri scientist and associated with the University of Queensland in a senior researcher position.  His area of expertise is more sustainable cropping practices, and in particular how we can measure and track these environmental impact improvements in terms of profitability as well.

He has extensive industry experience in fresh produce packing and processing, as well as 10 years of commercial organic vegetable production.  He has done extensive work with the Australian cotton industry as well as the macadamia, rubber and palm oil industries. Francois has a commercial background (MCom, MBA) and holds a PhD in agricultural sustainability from the University of Queensland.