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“Ten thousand years of life”                                                                                                                Manju Wellness Brochure


What is Manju?
The secret of the name lies in the fruit Papaya. Green Papaya is called “manju-i” in Okinawa. This means “melon of ten thousand-years of life”. Therefore it was clear to give our elixir of life the name of its most important ingredient: Manju –‘ drop of long life’.

The production of Manju takes one year. One year in which through fermentation of biological ingredients (green papaya, brown rice, rice bran and kelp) and maturation with   Benificial Microorganisms,… an elexir.

The whole power of nature is in every drop. Thanks to the valuable natural ingredients, which are formed during the fermentation of biological ingredients, Manju contributes to the enhancement of your well-being.

Manju always makes a good impression. Manju is calorie-free and can be used/consumed in water, beverages or food.

Manju fresh packs are also ideal for traveling. in practical little freshness bags

The Ingredients
Green Papayas contain a wealth of valuable substances such as the digestive enzyme Papain, the Carotenoid β-Cryptoxanthin, different kinds of vitamins – primarily vitamin C –, dietary fibre, amino acids, minerals and many more components which benefit the vitality. In order to produce Manju, only papayas grown organically with Beneficial Microorganisms on our farmland in Okinawa are used.

Brown rice is rich in natural minerals and trace elements, vitamin E and dietary fibre. For manju we use brown rice which comes exclusively from certified organic cultivation with effective microorganisms.

Kelp and other seaweed are an essential part of Japanese cuisine. Kelp is a brown seaweed that stands out due to its high content of minerals such as Iron and Calcium, as well as Fucoidan and Alginic acid..


Other Manju treats.

Manju seasalt is a high-quality sea salt that is rich in minerals and has anti-oxidising and regenerative properties.It is produced according to a specially developed process using manju.

Manju coral calcium is rich in amino acids, protein and the vitamin B complex and constitutes an ideal supplement to daily nutrition. 

Manju seasalt drops 

consisting of sugar cane crude sugar from Okinawa, Manju Seasalt  and starch syrup. For your general well-being and soothing for your throat and  pharynx.

Manju Zotter chocolate radikalfänger
of Manju, Manju Sea Salt, Elderflower jelly cove- red with soft melting Zotter chocolate.

Manju chocolate Mini schoko
of Manju-raspberry cream and almond nougat covered with soft melting Zotter chocolate.