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Performance Horses

Horse NRG

Horse NRG increases cell metabolism and with it, cell renewal and cell regeneration; the damaging effect of exogenous free radicals is reduced, which has been proven in testing by the institute for cell biology test systems, Dartsch Scientific GmbH.

Horse NRG and topdress increase the appetite of the animals and the feed conversion ratio is improved considerably.

Practitioners report that the use of Horse NRG ensures a favourable environment in the stables and greatly reduces fly infestations  and the build up of odours. Positive micro-organisms are promoted in the gut of the animals, thus reducing diarrhoeal diseases or germs in the animals’ excrement. The immune system and body’s defences in the animals are strengthened, causing their overall vitality to increase.



Cost decreasing and vitality improving effects with Multikraft Horse NRG and Topdress for horses are reported by horse owners:

  • The stable climate is optimised
  • Bad smells are neutralised
  • Fly problems are reduced
  • The immune system and the disease resistance of the horses are improved
  • Diarrhea problems are reduced due to the stable intestines flora
  • Animals become quieter and more balanced

Even in animal husbandry. you are what you eat. That’s why we only process pure, natural raw materials in our feedstuff as a matter of course. After all, the animal’s health depends on its care and food. With Multikraft feedstuff, you can make a valuable contribution to the health of your animals