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SUPR Farming

SUstainable and PRofitable Farming

The combination of organic (beneficial micro-organisms) and inorganic sibstances (natural minerals) provides natural support for the entire life cycle of plants. It increase the fertility of the soil, improves plant growth, and strengthens the plants immune systems.


PLANT NRG for Soil and Foliage

Advantages of Plant NRG

  • more vigorous, disease-resistant plants
  • increased yields through better nutrient availability
  • nutrient in the soil made available to plants
  • suppress pathogenic organisms (such as fusarium fungi) in the soil with positive microorganisms (Microlfe)
  • Effective temperature regulation in the soil = early cultivation
  • no groundwater pollution
  • activate soil life
  • increase soil's water retention capacity
  • improves soil structure

Promotes healthy and vibrant soil for the long term.