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Sewage Treatment and Waste Water

Multikraft Probiotic products are introduced throughout the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) to eliminate bad odours and assist with microbial balancing and sludge digestion within the plant. Wastewater flowing in the STP generates bad odours through bacteria, which are producing gases like Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg gas, H2S) or Ammonia (NH3) while breaking down organic matter. At the same time, these bacteria lead to the production of Sulfuric Acid, which is a highly corrosive acid and eats through metal (pumps and piping) and concrete in the piping network.

Multikraft Probiotic products, include beneficial food grade microorganisms, that compete for this organic matter and work instead of these odour generating bacteria at breaking down organics in the waste water. When using Multikraft Probiotic products at the source of the problem (Sewerage Network, STP) odour can be eliminated before it is generated or corrosive acids are produced.

If the smell problem occurs before the Sewage Treatment Plant, in the Sewerage Network (including public toilets, pump stations, rising mains etc) Multikraft Probiotic products will be applied at the site of the problem. Through regular dosing and/or spraying of the affected areas, a microorganism-film is produced in the sewerage networks, which functions by outcompeting odour causing micro-organisms.

Regenerative micro-organisms included in Multikraft Probiotic products take the place of bad, odour producing micro-organisms and break down organic matter odourlessly and more efficiently.

The use of Multikraft Probiotic products  not only improves the quality of the wastewater, but also reduces the amount of sewage sludge produced at the end of the treatment process. Through the better breakdown of organic materials when using Multikraft Probiotic products, the Settled Volume of the Primary Sludge at the Clarifier (at the end of the treatment process) is greatly reduced. In addition to that, fermentative micro-organisms included in Multikraft Probiotic products, help fermentation of sludge in the Digesters, which has another diminishing effect on the sludge, reducing the volume again. Finally, the dewatering of the sludge (due to the higher breakdown of organic molecules through Multikraft Probiotic products) is more effective and the dried sludge has a much-increased dry matter content.