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Dear Sir/Madam,

We have been using the Multikraft Probiotics since 2012 on our farm in Bundaberg, which currently has over 8,000 Macadamia trees, an avocado orchard and is one of the largest lychee producers in Australia.


Our initial interest in Multikraft was to see  if we could  find a way to assist with  the  fact that we were applying  more and  more chemicals on  the  farm  with  the  same  result and  were determined to find a way to improve our soil and plant health and be as sustainable as possible. I travelled to Europe to visit Multikraft in 2012 and was very impressed with  what the  company was doing to assist farmers to maximize their profits across  a wide  range  of  applications,  whilst also looking after the environment with the future in mind.


When we returned from Europe, the first real positive result from the Multikraft  products came  from my wife Barbara (who is a doctor  who also believes  in the  benefits  of these  probiotics), when she applied the  products to our vegetable  patch at  home and  insisted  I see  the  results, which were extremely healthy tomatoes and other  vegetables and  I thought  if it works  so well here, we need to get this going in our orchard on a larger scale. We also started applying  the products in our septic system and no longer had to purchase  worms  or  experience  any odour issues, with the system always well balanced by the microbes.


Once we started applying the products across the whole farm, the trees started to look healthier and we quickly noticed an increase in the worm activity, which is one indicator of soil health. The increase in soil and tree health has allowed us to reduce chemical use on the farm considerably. We believe the microbial products  have reduced  Anthractnose and other diseases on our fruit and we have not needed to inject our trees for Phythothora, with the  good bacteria out­  competing disease causing bacteria with the result a more sustainable and profitable farm.


Overall the probiotics have increased yield and profits and we are very happy, but equally importantly we have maintained a consistently high yield in terms of both volume and quality over many consecutive years (which is unusual in crops like lychees that are known to have inconsistent crops from year to year). Our high quality fruit has now got a reputation in the market for its great taste and also for how well it lasts on the supermarket shelves and we understand the link between this and Multikraft as well as all the other small details that add up to large gains across the farm.


Yours Sincerely,

Craig Van Rooyen Director