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Water Treatment


Every watercourse is an individual habitat that changes constantly. Excessive algae growth and cloudiness in the water – the most common problems – have different causes, but are always due to an imbalance and nutrient cycling not functioning correctly. Multikraft probiotics stabilise these cycles in water, promote an ecological balance and plant growth, and thus reducing and outcompeting formation of algae and sludge

  • Algae reduction
  • Sludge Reduction
  • Improvement of water quality


Sediments contain many nutrients which, - if returned to the body of water - can result in increased algae growth, clouding and excessive sludge build-up in the system. The use of Multikraft probiotics in water promotes the reduction of sediment, while simultaneously preventing decomposition and thus outcompeting the nutrients that promote algae from the sediment in the water. In conjunction with better growth of water plants, formation of algae in the pond is reduced.

  • Promote growth of water plants that compete for nutrients with algae
  • Clear water due to reduction of sediment and decomposition
  • Less organic contamination in body of water

For use in biotopes, natural swimming pools, bathing lakes and large ponds